About Us

    YUEQING SANFENG TRANSMISSION CO., LTD. was established in the middle and later periods of 1980s. It developed and produced SWF series Universal Coupling with Cross Shaft in 1994 developed and produced WZL series Drum Coupling with Spherical Hingein 1997, and produced full series Coupling with Drum Gear with optimized structural design based on a high starting point in 2013. It possesses a number of high-quality professional teams which are engaged in the development, production and sales of aforesaid couplings. It continuously wins multiple independent intellectual property rights, insists in the idea of quality first and persists in making improvement and upgrading in technology, processes and materials. It has passed ISO-9001 quality management system certification for a long time and it ranks in the forefront of nationwide peers in the country in per capita output value and output value indexper mu. 

    With its quality and service, Yueqing Sanfeng Transmission Co., Ltd. is honored to become a supporting supplier of China Aerospace Engineering, China astronomical engineering, nuclear power and Hydropower Engineering, and large-scale metallurgical engineering projects. At the same time, we have established a stable cooperative relationship with many key lifting and transportation manufacturers and users in China for a long time. A large number of large-scale and high-tech lifting and transportation equipment are provided by Yueqing Sanfeng Transmission with SWF series cross shaft universal coupling and WZL series ball hinge reel coupling, which are widely appreciated by experts and users.

    We have acquired certain achievements, and meanwhile we are focusing more on the future development of the enterprise. We neither seek for development through low-end homogeneous competition, nor strive for development by blindly expanding the scale, but we continue to develop toward the direction of high quality and higher cost performance. Previous achievements benefit from your sincere cooperation. Here we express deep appreciations to you and we hope that we have opportunities to offer better service experience to you. Expect you to come to YUEQING SANFENG TRANSMISSION CO., LTD. to make in-depth technical and business communications.

    Honesty and pragmatist are the foundation for our existence;

    Excellent quality is the basic guarantee for us to acquire the market;

    Exploration and innovation are our motivations of continuous development.

    There are frequently illegal traders plagiarizing the technologies and products of YUEQING SANFENG TRANSMISSION CO., LTD., and the consequences generated will be very serious. Please distinguish them carefully.