Conditions Required for Synchronous Running of Universal Coupling with Cross Shaft


    Universal Coupling with Cross Shaft needs to satisfy following three conditions simultaneously for synchronous running, namely the included angles formed by the input and output ends and the axis and equal; the input end, output end and coupling are within the same plane; the fork bearing center lines of the input end and output end are on the same straight line. (If you separate the spline pairs, and then reload them, please recover the fork bearing center lines of the input end and output end onto the same straight line)


Installation and Maintenance of Universal Coupling with Cross Shaft


    Two-flange connection from input to output is a key component of the coupling and it is directly related to the reliability of the whole transmission chain and the performance and life of each component. Firstly, remove the oil stains and foreign matters on each installation surface at the time of installation, and inspect and ensure that related contact surfaces must conform to the technical requirements. Refer to technical requirements, repeatedly pre-tighten the bolt set and adopt loose prevention measures, and check the pre-tightening reliability of the bolt set frequently during operation.
    When leaving the factory, the Universal Coupling with Cross Shaft has been injected with Compound extreme pressure lithium-based grease 2# on each lubrication point. You can select clean lubricating grease with corresponding brand for oil injection (1-3 months per time) as per the operating conditions. Screw the oil plug after every time of oil injection.
    Improving the applied operating conditions is of significant meaning for the service life of the product. If you discover any abnormal condition, please timely inspect and eliminate it, and replace it on time when necessary.